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For over 10 years, Dr Fahey has helped thousands to experience memorable safe psychic spirit readings through face-to-face, phone, Skype, online Chat services and in private and group events worldwide. He can help you too. Get started right now to know a better you, a better life, a better future. Let Dr Fahey be your one doctor, one psychic spirit medium spiritual advisor, and to help guide you at this time in your life.

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What is your pet thinking? As a pet psychic animal communicator, DrFahey acts as a translator to discover what your pet is thinking, feeling and wanting to communicate to you.

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Arizona - The Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona 

14 regionally accredited colleges and other learning institutes that offer academic degree programs or studies

related to the afterlife, paranormal, and advance consciousness studies

New Jersey - Princeton University: Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR)

North Carolina - Duke University's

Rhine Research Center 

Utrecht - Professor Dick J. Bierman at the University of Utrecht (UU)

Amsterdam - Psychology department at the

University of Amsterdam offers courses in

paranormal studies. 

Edinburgh - The University of Edinburgh has awarded parapsychology degrees. Their Koestler Parapsychology Unit hosts psi-related research.

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Eben Alexander, Harvard Neurosurgeon, Describes Heaven After Near-Death Experience (VIDEO) click here!

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